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Testimonials                                           "Work is love made visible."
                                                                                                                                 -Dr. Maria Montessori

I am proud to be so well received by our parents and community. Read what they have to say about Small Wonder Montessori School! 

At Small Wonder, Lynne Wilson offers a beautiful interpretation of the Montessori Method. Miss Lynne presents the children with clear boundaries, consistency of rules and routines and appropriate and natural consequences. Life at Small Wonder is predictable and orderly. During our time at Small Wonder the school became an extension of home and Lynne became a partner in our parenting. It was a positive first school experience for us and our three daughters. Our daughters learned valuable skills and lessons about the world, made special friendships, and had fun. best of all they were understood by a teacher whose years of experience in the classroom and as a mother have given her a superb grasp of the preschool age group. Lynne loves what she does and brings that joy to her work daily. Someone once told me that you're lucky to have one or two really outstanding and memorable teachers in your lifetime, individuals who are truly skilled at their craft and who positively affect the course of your life. We consider ourselves lucky that we found Lynne's Small Wonder Montessori School. I am thrilled with all that Lynne offers.
-Kathy Gorry, Willington

From day one, our son has loved Small Wonder Montessori School. He has benefitted greatly from this child-centered environment that is so thoughtfully prepared. The small class size allows for lots of individual instruction. The variety of themes create a very stimulating learning environment. Lynne is incredibly nurturing, yet she encourages the children to be responsible and to help others. Our son is excited about learning because he has the freedom to choose "work" that is of interest to him. We have seen the benefit of a mixed-age classroom. He learned so much from interacting with the older children when he started over two years ago. Now, he is one of the oldest and take pride in teaching and assisting the younger children. Small Wonder is truly a wonderful school. I highly recommend it.
  -Jodi Eskin, Tolland

Small Wonder has given my three girls the most fantastic educational foundation a parent could want for their child. A caring, attention rich environment that allows your child to reach his or her true potential. There isn't a more positive, nurturing, family friendly program available.
  -Jen Perosky, Ashford

My son has spent the last four years learning at this wonderful school. This school offers individualized attention to each child at the exact moment they need it. The program has been so carefully designed and so expertly implemented that the children are learning without knowing it. The programs are fun and the children are so interested in their work that they are excited about performing it day in and day out. This is the most comprehensive program I could have imagined. I am so fortunate to have found this program. My son will always be better off for having had the opportunity to start his educational journey at the Small Wonder Montessori School of Ashford with Lynne Wilson.
  -Cheryl, Ashford


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